Hot air ballooning in Alice Springs is one of the best ways to see central Australia. Right in the heart of Australia lies Alice Springs, surrounded by the vastness of the wilderness that is known as the great Aussie outback.

For thousands of kilometres stretching out from Alice Springs, the unique and inspirational ‘Red Centre’ is home to native flora and fauna, including the red kangaroo.

Hot air ballooning

Can you hot air balloon over Uluru?

Unfortunately no, you can’t fly in a hot air balloon over Uluru. There are no hot air balloon flights over Uluru.

Uluru is in a National Park which has certain rules about where vehicles can go (eg, the support team that collects the balloon and passengers). Hot air balloons are under limited control, and while he pilot can use winds to generally direct the flight, they have limited steering and can’t land in an exact predetermined location. While they have a plan, they typically just go where the wind carries them.

Flights over Uluru

Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock formations are stunning when viewed from the ground, but viewing them from above adds another dimension.

A great way to see Uluru from the air would be a scenic flight (fixed wing aircraft or helicopter flight).

Alice Springs hot air ballooning

Alice Springs is the closest you can get to Uluru, to do a hot air balloon flight from. Alice Springs is a useful vantage point to check out some of Australia’s finest nature, as there is a lot of ground to cover, and sometimes the view is better from above.

There is nothing comparable to a serene hot air ballooning ride over the central Australian desert. As you meet before dawn, you will be lifted into a star-filled sky by your hot air balloon, take flight and begin to take in the sights when the sun rises.

Once you have reached altitude, you will have spectacular views of the West McDonnell Ranges and the desert oaks. Keep an eye out for native Aussie wildlife; including the hopping red kangaroo and wallabies.

You also have the option of landing somewhere, which is magnificent since the place you choose could be virtually unreachable by conventional vehicle. Once you have landed. take a wonder around and take some unique snaps before then floating back into the sky.

You can choose from a 30 minute ride, or go for the full hour adrenaline ballooning experience, but your dawn start won’t end after that. When your flight ends you’ll be taken to a remote bush campsite for a full-on Aussie fry up.

Satisfy your early morning hunger with this cooked feast, accompanied with champagne for a luxurious, also tropical fruit juice is provided. It is easy to access your hot air balloon flight in Alice Springs, since hotel pick-up is usually provided to the launch site, and then they will drop you off after landing.

Before your flight you will receive all safety instructions, and after your flight you will receive a certificate to commemorate the event, something to cherish and remember for your unique outback ballooning experience.

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Map of Australia's Red Centre

Explore more with our Uluru map and find your way around Australia’s world famous icons at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Zoom out on the map to discover more.

Uluru / Ayers RockUluru / Ayers Rock
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Experiences at Uluru + Kata Tjuta

Most visitors would have seen photos featuring Uluru, but nothing prepares you for the experience of being exposed to this expansive living cultural landscape. Experience many wonderful features of this region, including Uluru or Ayers Rock, and Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas.

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