Camel tours are a great way to experience Australia’s red centre. Alice Springs sits at the heart of Central Australia, amidst an endless stretch of the great Australian wilderness that is known as the Outback. The region is famous for its native flora and fauna, which includes the great Red Kangaroo that stands proud at around two metres tall.

There is plenty of other native wildlife to catch your eye, and you can visit Central Australia all through the seasons for a different experience each time. To get close to nature, you may wish for an authentic experience riding on the back of a camel.

Camel Tours at Uluru

Camels were introduced to Australia more than 100 years ago, and naturally adapted well to the desert conditions of the Northern Territory. Today, there are estimated to be around 500,000 camels wandering across the desert. From Alice Springs, you can hire a camel and guide for a half or one day tour.

As you saunter through the landscape of the McDonnell Ranges you are sure to creep up on and encounter famous Aussie wildlife, such wallabies, kangaroos, lizards and several native bird species.

On your return, you will be silenced in awe at the Alice Springs dusk, and the silence will prompt serenity.

Riding across the desert on a camel is a unique experience, and has been enjoyed by many who visit Alice Springs as one of the best ways to check out the native wildlife.

The best time of day to go camel riding is at sunset, which affords the most spectacular scenery, although morning rides are also good, departing at dawn.

If you have truly enjoyed your camel-riding experience around Alice Springs, you should then consider returning to Alice Springs for its annual camel race.

Held since the 1970s, this 400 metre run is raced on the dry bed of the Todd River, attracting thousands of visitors from all around the world each year.

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Map of Australia's Red Centre

Explore more with our Uluru map and find your way around Australia’s world famous icons at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Zoom out on the map to discover more.

Uluru / Ayers RockUluru / Ayers Rock
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Experiences at Uluru + Kata Tjuta

Most visitors would have seen photos featuring Uluru, but nothing prepares you for the experience of being exposed to this expansive living cultural landscape. Experience many wonderful features of this region, including Uluru or Ayers Rock, and Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas.

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