Ayers Rock Airport, also known as Connellan Airport, provides unparalleled access to the remote UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayers Rock (Uluru). This unique and magical geological formation is about as remote as anything in Australia, and it takes a lot of travel time to reach it.

The nearest town of note is Alice Springs, some 470kms away. Many travellers fly into Alice Springs and make the five-hour drive to Ayers Rock. But an even faster option is to fly directly into Ayers Rock Airport, which is just 20 minutes by road to Uluru.

Connellan Airport Ayers Rock

Around 300,000 travellers fly into Connellan Airport every year on their way to tour Ayers Rock. It’s a quick 20-minute drive from the town of Yulara, where the airport is located, to Ayers Rock, and there are plenty of transport services available to get visitors where they need to go.

The airport itself is about as modest as they come. A single terminal contains only the most basic amenities. But the options for food, drinks and travel sundries are usually enough to satisfy the average traveller. The great thing about the airport is that it’s so small that there is never anything remotely like congestion or long lines. This is one easy airport to fly into.

How To Fly To Ayers Rock?

Several Australian carriers provide regular service into Yulara, the town where the airport is located. From Sydney, there are direct fights four times a week with both Virgin Australia and Jetstar.


The Sydney connection is the ideal flight for international travellers looking to get straight to Ayers Rock from a global destination. Qantaslink is another good carrier offering regular flights from Alice Springs and Cairns. Fly Tiwi is an option for travellers coming from Darwin.

Several transport companies are on hand at Cornnellan Airport to ferry passengers to their final destinations around Ayers Rock.

Many people opt to stay right in the town of Yulara, where a couple of full-service resorts provide all the amenities and comfort one could want in this remote part of Australia.

The Airport also features special scenic flights over Uluru on helicopters and light aircraft for a really unique view of the sacred mountain.

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Map of Australia's Red Centre

Explore more with our Uluru map and find your way around Australia’s world famous icons at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Zoom out on the map to discover more.

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Experiences at Uluru + Kata Tjuta

Most visitors would have seen photos featuring Uluru, but nothing prepares you for the experience of being exposed to this expansive living cultural landscape. Experience many wonderful features of this region, including Uluru or Ayers Rock, and Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas.

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